Polly Wooly Doodle cast announced

Mar. 10, 2013 @ 06:48 AM

Rutherford County Arts Council has announced the cast of Polly Wolly Doodle, A Circle Dance of Southern Songs and Stories, by Diane McEnnerney. The new musical has a cast of over 100 and a chorus of nearly 200, presenting people of all ages from all over the county.

The Choral Ensemble, which appears throughout the play, includes Laura Link, Jena Metcalf, Rebecca Quinton, Sheila Salyers and Jeane Watson.

“Thwarted Romance,” the “frame story” of the musical features the following characters and performers: Susanna, Hannah Rees; Jack, Michael Johnston; Tom, Ethan Carlisle; Will, Shelton Medrano; Annabelle, Haley Johnson; Luanne, Nikki Collin; Luella, Katherine Murray; Sad Maiden, Laura Link.

“Froggie Went A-Courtin” includes: Mr. Froggie, Clayton Cilone; Abigail, Gillian Stickney; Miss Mouse, Jessica Spainhour; Uncle Rat, John Henry Deaver; Eileen, Rachael Palmeri; Martha, Ainsley Lederfind; Caroline, Charity Salyers; Dora, Theresa O’Neil; Nora, Catherine O’Neil; Mary, Lacey Bartlett; Sarah, Roxanne Scott; Ethan Flea, Gabriel Lugo; Grasshopper, Benjamin Atkins; Bumblebee, Harrison Dyess; June Bug, Darius Lovett; White Moth, Leah Williamson; 2 Red Ants, Charles Parker, Tré Stickney; Bridesmaids: Emma Corbin, Tiana Lovett, Haleigh McHargue, Kayla Webb; Hoot Owl, Parker Jackson; Parson Rook, Alex Militello.

“Jack and the Beanstalk” features: Ma, Cheryl Justice; Pa, David Robertson; Amos, Matthew Griffis; John, Eli Garner;  Jack, Joshua Head; Giant, David Coldren.

“The Beggar at the Well” includes: Storyteller, Kip Arrowood; Widow, Vicki O’Neil; Selfish Girl, Layla Thurman; Kind Girl, Stephanie Lugo; Beggar/Fairy Queen, Hannah Searcy. 

“Little Nella”: Ol’ Mother Twiggleweed, Dana Stickney; Mattie, Jenna Metcalf; Red-Winged Blackbird, Michael Lugo; Nella, Madison Reep; Toad; Josh Reep; Toad Son, Will Amos; Minnow Speakers: Payton Marshall, Melody Maishman, Veronica Lugo, Mackenzlie Murray; Minows: Payton Cobb, Danielle Coldren, Odina Corbin, Abigail Daves, Emily Faulkner, Victoria Laughter, Emma Long, Kennedy Ruff, Faith Russell, Alexis Terry; Butterfly Speakers: Malea Hunter, Hope Sarate, Madison Snyder; Butterflies: Autumn Corbin, Emily Couch, Harley Glover, Natalie Parker, Rebekah Searcy, Sarah Grace Searcy, Jessica Walker, Katelyn Wiley; Beetle Speakers: Haden Johnson, Jasmine Spainhour, Jeff Collin, Dylan Gordon-Brown; Beetle Soli: Raphael Lugo, Jasmine Spainhour, Cypress Synder, ´Eko Owen, Annette Owen; Beetles: Melody Couch, Emily Hutchins, Julia Libertucci, Camilo Mancipe, Julian Mancipe, Brooklyn Militello, Jesse Stickney, Alyssa Twitty, Stesha Turner; Granny Mouse, Sheila Salyers; Mr. Mole, Brandon Murray; Prince Owen, Willie Griffis; Prince Estefan, Joseph Salyers, Queen Lucia, Rebecca Quinton; Lady Rosa, Lauren Millette; Little People: Chelsea Carpenter, Maleah Carter, Zaida Cilone, Riley Coldren, Trevor Coldren, Harrison Dyess, Lawrie Keator, Darius Lovett, David Mancipe, Nataly Dominguez Mancipe,  Vivian Walker.

Polly Wolly Doodle” will be presented Thursday, March 21 at 10 a.m. and Friday, March 22 at 7 p.m. For Tickets contact the Foundation Box Office, 286-9990.  For general questions, contact the Arts Council, 245-4000.