Moss has two plays published

Nov. 28, 2012 @ 12:14 PM

J. Patrick Moss can now say that he is a published playwright.

Moss, director of forensics and drama at Chase High School and director of forensics at East Rutherford High School, will have two of his plays published by Big Dog Publishing.

“I was so excited when I received my letter from Bad Dog Publishing. I called the first three English teachers I could find. If Chase High School had not given me the drama program, this would not have happened,” Moss said.

Moss received a letter from Dawn Remsing, editor at the Florida-based publishing company, informing him the company would like to publish his plays and thanking him for submitting them.

“The contract I signed states that that the company will copyright, publish and put my plays in their catalog. I will get 10 percent of every one that gets sold,” Moss said.

Moss began writing plays in 2010.

“I began writing my own plays because I was fed up with the scripts that I was getting for drama at Chase. I have to choose the script we use based on who is going to be in the class. Every year I would order scripts and out of 15 I ordered maybe three of them would be good for the group,” Moss said. “Eventually, I wasn’t getting any scripts that I could do anything with. They were either outdated or corny. So I decided to write my own.”

Moss says he wrote three plays and submitted them out to publishing companies. Two of those were chosen for publication.

The plays that will published are entitled “Beautiful, Crazy,” a romantic comedy set in a psychiatric ward and “The Academy School for Gifted, Malevolently, Impressive, Nefariously, Awesome....Girls,” a play about superheroes and villians. 

Moss plans to continue writing plays as long as he is teaching drama at Chase.