Making Music

Sep. 17, 2013 @ 04:27 AM

Ashley Buchanan never thought that she would be on iTunes. But when she teamed up with the band “Boys in the Well” she found herself in a recording studio working on a CD.

“It’s really neat,” Buchanan said.

According to the band’s website, “Boys in the Well” formed in 2010 and define their music as honest folk with alternative undertones. Band members are Danny Lanier, Justin Lanier, John Daniels and John Edwards.

Buchanan, who teaches 8th grade math and science at Chase Middle School, has been singing for years. What began as a hobby in church, led to performing in many weddings for friends.

“I sang at a friend’s wedding in 2005 and she had a good friend named Danny (Lanier) who played the guitar while I sang. Then, after that, we performed at another wedding together,” Buchanan said.

Danny and Buchanan continued their professional relationship for many years. When Buchanan won Asheville Talent Search in 2012, Danny and his wife were there to support her.

“That year the radio stations in Asheville did a talent search. It went for seven weeks and I had to sing about 13 songs and then the winner was picked by vote online,” Buchanan said. “We started with 10 contestants and at the end of the seventh week they announced that I was the winner. That was a pretty big thing for me.”

Buchanan said that she knew that Danny and his brother Justin had a band and were working on putting a CD together. The band had released their first extended play (EP) “Mostly Honest” in 2011 and wanted to do more. One day in 2012, Danny called Buchanan and said they had some songs they would like for her to sing on. They were going to play at Bele Chere and wanted her to perform with them.

“I did that and it was so fun. I had never done anything like that before,” Buchanan said.

After that performance, Buchanan found herself at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville working on the newly released, full-lenth album “Good Luck On Your Way.”

“I had imagined recording and I had seen pictures of studios, but just really sitting there was great,” Buchanan said. “They had gone in a lot before I got there and recorded the music. So when I went in there in November, all I had to do was get in the booth, listen and sing. We did some takes but it didn’t take a long time.”

She is featured on two songs from the album, “Lover’s Truce” and the title track “Good Luck On Your Way.”

Buchanan said she is really excited about being on the CD and on iTunes. She wants to encourage people to purchase the whole album is wonderful.

“They’ve just brought me along on this journey and I’m very grateful for it. Being in that studio, even if I never get to go back into one, I can say I was in there,” Buchanan said. “They’ve included me and I enjoy that.”

She said it is an amazing feeling hearing her own voice on those tracks.

“People that learn the songs will sing along to me on the CD. I’m always singing along to other people but it’s reversed this time. That’s a big deal,” Buchanan said. “We hope and dream that maybe we can take the music on the road one day. The band is just really passionate and excited about it.”

Individual songs on iTunes are $0.99 while the entire album is $9.99. For more information about “Boys in the Well” visit