Man designs newspaper box

Oct. 11, 2013 @ 04:22 AM

A Forest City man has a plan for a new type of newspaper vendor box.

William Leon Boykins, Jr., has the product outlined in a book, “Invent Help” and is seeking a manufacturer the product. He believes the new invention will provide jobs for people in Rutherford County and will save money for the newspaper industry. 

The new box will eliminate the theft of papers from the vendor boxes used today, he said.

Similiar to a beverage machine, Boykins says when a person puts money in the box, one newspaper will be dispersed at a time. He says there is no way to steal other papers.

The machine is solar operated and “little by little” it will help everything in green situation helping through jobs.”

Boykins is searching for someone willing to listen to his story and subsequently manufacture the boxes.

Boykins can be reached at (828) 447-2530.