Single copy rate increases

Feb. 03, 2013 @ 10:41 AM

Ed. Note: The following is a letter from The Daily Courier Publisher Wanda Moeller to readers:

Dear Readers:

Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 5, The Daily Courier will increase the price of our weekday newspaper from 50 to 75 cents. Our Sunday newspaper product price will remain the same at $1.50.

We have agonized for months about increasing the price of your hometown newspaper. The Daily Courier is one of the last area newspapers to increase the price of its weekday publication. Most other newspapers increased the price of its single copy to 75 cents several years ago.

With that being said, the price increase is reflective of the rising cost of newsprint in the past several years. Ten years ago, a newspaper could purchase a ton of newsprint for a mere $435. Today, the price for a ton of newsprint is in excess of $1,000. Newsprint comes from mills located mainly in Canada and the South. Consolidation in the newsprint industry has led large manufacturers to reduce newsprint manufacturing capacity, switching some plants from producing less-profitable newsprint to higher-profit, higher-grade paper. Therefore, less newsprint being manufactured has increased our costs dramatically.

If you are a current subscriber to the newspaper, you will not see an increase in your subscription price. As a matter of fact, in today’s edition of The Daily Courier, we are offering a wonderful offer to “Lock Down” the subscription price for a year or six months.

Until March 1, current and new subscribers can lock up the savings for 2013 for a special price. Readers can purchase a newspaper to be delivered to their door for a year for only $120. That’s $153.00 off the newsstand price of $273. If you’d rather subscribe for only 6 months, the cost is $60, which is a savings of  $76.50 off the newsstand price of $136.50.

Please look for information about this offer in today’s newspaper or call The Daily Courier office (828-245-6431) and ask about the Lock Down special subscription offer.

As the publisher of your hometown newspaper, please know that I care about each of our readers and welcome the opportunity to listen to your concerns and comments about our publication. Whether it’s a story idea, a circulation complaint or you just want to talk about something happening in the community, my door is always open.



Wanda Moeller