Shoppers get to know Spindazzle

Nov. 06, 2012 @ 11:07 AM

Spindale Drug Company held a holiday open house event for its new companion store, Spindazzle, on Monday.

Back in March, owners Bill and Lesley Koonce expanded the historic downtown pharmacy and restaurant to accommodate the 2,600-square foot retail space.    

From 9 a.m until 7 p.m., locals were invited to explore the new storefront, as well as its fresh selection of Christmas decor.

“We had a little boy come in this morning and he just lit up and went ‘wow,” Lesley said. “He was so excited.”

She added that many first-time shoppers compared the store’s holiday layout to that of the annual Southern Christmas Show exposition in Charlotte.

The holiday event also gave customers an opportunity to peruse Spindazzle’s expanded stock of apparel and sundries.  

“It doesn’t seem to matter how the economy is doing: Women will always buy purses, jewelry and scarves,” Lesley joked.

The receipts from Monday morning may confirm her theory. By noon, the boutique had already sold more than $1,000 in just accessories, according to Lesley.  

“We offer very unique pieces you’re not going to find at a department stores at prices that people can actually afford,” she explained.

Lesley was especially pleased with the diverse crowd gathered at Spindazzle’s open house.

“The appeal is across the board; we’ve had girls from the local high schools come in to shop,” she said.