Storehouse Pantry staying put

Aug. 16, 2013 @ 03:52 PM

The Storehouse Pantry is staying at its location at the Tri-City Mall in Forest City.

The food distribution center that provides food to more than 5,000 people in Rutherford County each month and directs the Backpack Program for school students is keeping its building.

Pat Evans, director of the food donation program, expressed concerns this week that she was going to be asked to vacate the building owned by Webb Hunt because others were interested in renting the building.

Hunt said Friday after he had shown the building to prospective renters earlier last week, but "I am not renting it to anyone."

He said at least twice during a telephone interview, the Storehouse Pantry is going to remain in the facility and he has no plans to rent it to anyone else right now.

During the past week, Evans said two people came to look at the building for the re-location of a gym.
Matthew's Gym co-owner Roger Short said they are not going to rent the building utilized by Storehouse Pantry, but the gym owners are looking for a new building.

"It is not going to work for us. And we would never make those people leave," Short said. "Those people need that place and they are doing a lot of good. I can find another building. It is an awesome service they provide."