EDC strategic plan complete

May. 28, 2013 @ 08:52 AM

After months of collecting data and talking to area businesses, a study identifying businesses and industry the county can attract in the future is nearly complete.

Rutherford County Economic Development Commission Director Matt Blackwell said the final draft is awaiting revisions.

"We have gone though making the first round of revisions," "The consultant (Greenfield Development) has finished those and I sent out a second set of revisions."

The study is expected to include the creation of a county asset map of potential building sites, a matrix of the pros and cons of those sites and a review of the county's current target industry. The cost for the study to range between $55,000 and $58,000. Blackwell said that the county has received a $3,000 donation from a "utility provider" in Rutherford County with another provider pledging in-kind services for the study.

Blackwell said the study will be ready to present to the county and municipalities in 30-60 days.

"It is very in-depth," Blackwell said. "They reviewed buildings we have, infrastructure, sites available for industrial development and our strengths and weaknesses in the county."

Part of the process to put the report together included touring the county as well as interviews with businesses and individuals to assess needs in Rutherford County.

In addition to looking at areas that the county currently owns, Greenfield also looked at other areas in the county that have the potential for future development, Blackwell said.

"We want to be able to capitalize on our strengths and change our weaknesses to strengths," Blackwell said.

While he did not give specifics as to the content of the report, he said that it does identify "5-6 target markets" for the county.

"I'm still trying to get more information to add to the target market part. I want to dig a little deeper into that area," Blackwell said. "I might be trying to pull out more than what we paid for."