Facebook announces art contest winners

Dec. 20, 2012 @ 08:50 AM

Facebook’s Forest City Data Center hosted an awards ceremony to announce the winners of their second annual middle school art contest on Wednesday.

“I just want to acknowledge the students who did the art work and share my appreciation for all the teachers and principals who help to coordinate this contest and make it happen,” said Keven McCammon, lead data center technician.

This year, students were asked to express through their artwork how “Facebook Forest City helps 1 billion users read, listen, like and share their way to a more open and connected world.”

According to a press release from Facebook, more than 50 pieces of art were received from the five middle schools represented in Rutherford County; Chase Middle, East Rutherford Middle, RS Middle, Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy and Rutherford Opportunity Center (ROC). The entries were judged by the employees of the data center and narrowed down to the top 20.

Out of those top 20, two grand prize winners were chosen. Sarah Smith from Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy and Nathan Brock from East Rutherford Middle School took home the grand prize.

Smith’s piece featured Forest City connecting with people from all over the world with the help of Facebook. Brock’s showed how Facebook helps to connect people in Rutherford County with others who enjoy the same hobbies and activities.

George Henry, general manager of the center, thanked the students for helping beautify the area.

“The fact that you guys have a connection with the datacenter and us and that we have a connection with you is a great thing,” Henry said. “You guys are the first ones to help to beautify this area and we really appreciate it.”

All of the winners included:

Chase Middle School – Bethany Coffey (7th Grade) and Brittiany Collins (6th Grade)

East Rutherford Middle  – Nathan Brock (7th Grade), Jacey Rich (7th Grade), Claire

Jackson (7th Grade), Chey Walker (7th Grade) and Maddison Morrow (8th Grade)

Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy – Destiny Franklin (7th Grade), Sarah Smith

(8th Grade), Isaac Mejia (8th Grade), Jose Nuberto Jimenez Beltran Jr., Boone Pack (8th

Grade), Emily Collins (8th Grade) and Aly Hedspeth (8th Grade)

RS Middle – Evan Revis (7th Grade), Victoria Gutierrez (8th Grade), and Alecia Martin

(8th Grade)

Rutherford Opportunity Center – Brian Russell (8th Grade) and Justin Garrett (7th Grade)

All 20 winners received a digital camera and will have their artwork displayed inside the Facebook Forest City Datacenter for one year.

Smith and Brock received iPod shuffles for being the grand prize winners.